Post-Progressive Solo Artist

Post-Progressive Solo Artist

Post-Progressive solo artist Tom Adamson is a multi-instrumental energetic performer not to be missed.
Whether it's on stage duetting with John Barrowman... supporting Sister Sledge and Toploader in London... or simply teaching James Corden how to dance a Gay Gordons.

With high profile performances for award winning TV like The Crown on Netflix (Golden Globe, Emmy), E4's Made in Chelsea (BAFTA), US-Style, ITV and even royal performances for HRH Prince Michael of Kent, Adamson is making a name for himself not just in London, but throughout the UK.

Most recently Adamson can be heard singing lead vocals on the new play-along tracks for the Trinity Rock Grades new syllabus, CLICK HERE to watch.

Adamson has a regular residency at Cecil Sharp House for the London Ceilidh Club.


Adamson is recording his third album 'Old View of the New World', it's realease is postponed until 2022, due to Covid-19.


Adamson's second album 'Medium Eyes, Blue Build' is out now, recorded on his own London based label. It features Emily Dankworth (Grandaughter of Sir Johnny Dankworth & Dame Cleo Laine), Konrad Wiszniewski (Scottish Jazz Award for Best Instrumentalist 2017) and Chantelle Nandi aka NANDI (ITV's The Voice, NAO, Maverick Sabre, Jack Bruce); The album was launched in 2017 to a packed out audience at at Edinburgh's Ghillie Dhu (watch here) and London's Zigrid Von Underbelly (watch here), with the 'Medium Eyes, Blue Build' UK tour including the Islington Assembly Hall in London suporting Toploader, Clackmannanshire, Bristol, Norwich and Birmingham.


*[BOLD] = Public events

2022 Date:

31st Dec - Perth (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

19th Nov - Rochford (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

22nd Oct - Devizes (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
7th Oct - Croydon (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

17th Sep - Bicester (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
10th Sep - Alpheton, Suffolk (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
9th Sep - Caledonian Club, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
3rd Sep - Reading (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

27th Aug - Cotswolds (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
26th Aug - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

31st Jul - Morden Hall, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
30th Jul - The Hurlingham Club, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
23rd Jul - Berkerley, Gloucestershire (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
22nd Jul - Redditch (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
9th Jul - Warborne Farm, Lymington (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
2nd Jul - Bedford (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

25th Jun - Tonbridge (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
18th June - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
4th Jun - Greenwich (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
2nd Jun - Purton (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

29th May - Petersfield (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
28th May - North Norfolk (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
14th May - Hazlemere (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
6th May - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]

9th Apr - Rickmansworth (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
8th Apr - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]
2nd Apr - Brize Norton, Oxfordshire (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

20th Mar - Oxford (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
4th Mar - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]
2nd Mar - Abbey Road Studios, London.

12th Feb - Bedfored (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
11th Feb - Caledonain Club, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
5th Feb - Pangdean Old Barn, Brighton (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

29th Jan - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //SOLD OUT//
28th Jan - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //SOLD OUT//
25th Jan - Streatham //Canceled//
22nd Jan - Watford (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
21st Jan - Ceilidh Club, St. Mary’s Marylebone London //SOLD OUT//
14th Jan - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //SOLD OUT//
8th Jan - Burnham Bowls Club  //Canceled//

2021 Dates:

31st Dec - Munich Cricket Club, London //SOLD OUT//
28th Dec - The Dilly, Piccadilly
19th Dec - Neverland London
18th Dec - Salisbury (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
18th Dec - Caledonian Club, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION) //Canceled//
12th Dec - Neverland London 12-11.30pm
10th Dec - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //Sold Out//
4th Dec - Kensington, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
3rd Dec - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //Sold Out//
3rd Dec - Sadler's Wells Theatre, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

19th Nov - Caledonian Club, London //Sold Out//
13th Nov - Thames Rowing Club, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
13th Nov - Notting Hill, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
6th Nov - Much Hadham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
5th Nov - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //Sold Out//

30th Oct - Bedford (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
29th Oct - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //Sold Out//
23rd Oct - Mile End, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
22nd Oct -  Bermondsey (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
21st Oct - Colchester (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
16th Oct - Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
15th Oct - Marlow (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
9th Oct - Ironmongers Hall, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
9th Oct - Infernos, London 1-4pm
8th Oct - Mamuska, Waterloo, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
3rd Oct - Neverland London 12-11.30pm //Canceled//
2nd Oct - Neverland London 12-11.30pm
1st Oct - National Liberal Club (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

26th Sep - Neverland London 12-11.30pm //Canceled//
25th Sep - Pangbourne, Reading (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
25th Sep - Neverland London 12-4pm
24th Sep - Neverland London 6-11.30pm
18th Sep - Hampshire (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
11th Sep - Yarmouth, Isle of Wight (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
4th Sep - Ashbourne (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
3rd Sept - Witley (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

30th Aug - Marlborough (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
29th Aug - Cheltenham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
28th Aug - Weybridge (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
26th Aug - Shaftsbury (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
21st Aug - Cecil Sharp House, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
20th Aug - Wokingham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
14th Aug - Godalming (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
9th Aug - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
7th Aug - Buckingham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
4th Aug - Colchester (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
1st Aug - Derby (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

31st Jul - Dorking (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
30th Jul - Wasing Park, Reading (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
24th Jul - Oxford (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
23rd Jul - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
18th Jul - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
17th Jul - Henley-on-Thames (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
15th Jul - Fulham Palce, London //Canceled//
10th Jul - Hertford (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
3rd Jul - Bedfordshire (PRIVATE FUNCTION)
2nd Jul - Greetham //Canceled//

26th Jun - Fulham Palce, London //Canceled//
25th Jun - Caledonain Club, London //Canceled//
22nd Jun - Caledonain Club, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

23rd May - Caledonian Club, London